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Not Made In China

My humble abode in Amarillo TX.  

My name is Brent Moore..... Some call me Bam Bam. 

I have worked with leather off and on since I was a kid. A few years ago I decided to make myself a holster, and thought I can make that better next time.... that's still the goal today.... continually trying to do it better.

leather work table

Where the Magic happens

I build hand made gun holsters custom fit to one particular gun.  Especially Concealed Carry Holsters 

Every holster is built so you can have a full firing grip when drawing the gun, and with proper retention as well. 

If you are unaware, this type of holster and fit is completely different form generic holsters that are made to fit more than one size. Proper retention Video

Bam Bam Holsters

Look around the site and find what you want then let me build you one just the way you want.

I have been told my YouTube videos make it look like a "big" shop, but this is where it all happens.  My little home just next to my home. Even got dry fire targets

See the difference in a form fitted holster

Please take time to see this short video.

              A form fitted holster is 

       an entirely different experience. 

Once broken in, when held upside down, the gun will fall slowly out or have to be shaken out. 

Product Reviews

Product review

From Justin B.
Was very specific about the type of holster that I wanted and the detailing to be put in. Brent was great on working to get me the holster I was imagining. The product turned out fantastic and I don't know if I will go back to kydex ever. Amazing product, great customer service and the holster is a functional piece of art. Couldn't be happier! 

Product Review

Renee M.

I am very happy with the Avenger that Brent built for my .38 snub nose. The holster fits my gun like a glove; great retention but not difficult to draw from. It is very functional, but what I love the most is how it looks. It is amazing. This is one holster that I hate covering up. 

Product Review

From Jerry A.

The holster and double mag holder Brent made me is great , nice looking leather and stitching also perfect retention for the firearm and magazines ! I will be purchasing another set from him! Thanks Brent I'm very happy ! 

Product Review

David S.

I received my new Bam Bam Holster today. It is absolutely beautiful. The fit was tight (as should be) at first. I did several draws and it is already breaking in nicely. I wear this and a matching mag pouch during my plain clothes detective assignment. They look great with dress slacks. Bam Bam leather is top notch. I highly recommend them. 

Product Review

David in Kansas

 I just received my rig for my 1911 with the extended mag pouch man I love the way it looks and feels. I am going to really enjoy this it is comfy and it fits like a tight glove . Well done. Dave 

Product Review

Micheal G. 

I just received my shoulder holster and omni holster from bambam holsters. They are absolutely amazing and are breaking in nicely. Every interaction I had while ordering and during the build process with bambam was exactly how a company should conduct itself. I love how all of his instructions for your holster are right on with the holster you receive. He knows exactly how the leather is going to handle and instructs you how to care for it. 

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Product Review

Mark Denny  - - -5-23-19

 Brent created a holster for my Taurus 92 & it fit like a glove. Could not ask for a better experience. Brent knows his leather & delivers exactly what is discussed & promised. Definitely will be doing more business in the future. Mark Denny 

Product review

Howell Grayson   7-28-19

I've ordered a few holsters, a belt, and a mag carrier from BamBam, each was perfect. From the workmanship to the overall build quality to the way they function when broken in. The support for questions and help deciding what I wanted was excellent as well. Glad to know that quality handmade products for a reasonable price still exist. Thank you sir! 

Future review

Future review


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