Brief video On IWB Holster Models

Check out a brief video explaining the different Inside the waistband holsters.

The Inside the Waist Band Holsters

The Omni

All leather IWB Holster

The Omni is one I dreamed up to carry the way I like to carry. Designed with appendix carry in mind, but can be worn in any position on the belt.... Appendix, hip, small of the back or even cross draw. 

The Clip, not being sewn in place is what allows it to be moved and worn in any position. It can be a littel less stable (can wiggle around) but the flexibility is well worth the trade off..... IMO

The Omni starts at $60.00

The Clipper

Leather IWB Holsters handmade

The "clipper" is my effort of competition to the "hybrid" (Kydex and leather) holster.

It is constructed the same as my "wingman" holster and then the sides are dropped down to facilitate clips instead of snaps.

The most stable platform that I offer. In that the holster will not move around.

Principally designed to be worn on the hip area.

Dose have some adjustability, in that the clips can be moved up or down as you desire.

The two pieces of leather make up about 1/4 inch in thickness. 

The Clipper starts at$ 70.00

The Wingman

All leather IWB holster

 The "Wing Man" is an all leather, non tuck able,  inside the waistband holster. I meet very few people that actually tuck the shirt in on all these tuck able holsters. I personally carry under a t-shirt or camping style shirt. 

I use regular line 24 snaps. Some find them problematic, in that they can undo when bumped. 

 I can in stall "pull to dot" snaps. That will only unsnap from one direction. However, they can take some getting used to, as far as having to to be unsnapped in a very different way. You have to ask for the pull to dot snaps..

The Wingman starts at $75.00

The Strapper

Leather handmade Holster IWB

Some call these a summer special.   

Similar to the wingman with the leather straps.  Not as stable but takes up less real estate on the belt.

FYI leather straps are not as hard on the belts as the clips are. 

Rides on the hip with about a 15 degree cant.

The strapper starts at  $70.00

Endless pics and Facts

Bam Bam Holsters

 Most of what I have ever built has been published in my blog.  Endless holster options, colors, stamping, branding examples.  And articles that cover every facet of how they are built.  If you mention the pic and blog entry I will be able to see what you want 

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