Ordering your holster

The order form

The Order from below covers all the details that are needed to build your holster. Each detail is important. 

Holster particulars

1.  Type of Holster

2.  Right handed or Left Handed

3.  Colors of holster.... Principle colors are Walnut, Cordovan, Brown, Black, Saddle tan, ect

4.  Thread color, White, Black Brown, Blue

5.  Stamping

The Gun.

1.  The Gun and Model

2.  Caliber

3.  Barrel length

4.  Modifications.  These are things that are other than stock that can affect the holster fit and function ie. Over sized sights, changes to the frame ect

What will Happen

I am generally very prompt.

1.  You get an email letting yo know I have received your order and will confirm later.

2.  You will get an email confirming with you the details of the order and scheduled time of completion. 

3.  When you let me know that the details are correct I will invoice through paypal.

4. I will email you when I am done.

NOTE : I am usually good at doing what I say, and doing what I am told. But terrible at doing what someone thinks. 

When the World Wide Web Fails us

If there is any doubt as to whether or not this genius of a website has failed to do its job........    you can email me at .... bambamholsters @ gmail.com

always works.

Thanks again.

The Order form

Order form

I am one man in a shop...... I will do what I say

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I do not have set hours. To visit is by appointment.