The OWB Holster Models

very brief video showing the different holster models

OWB Holsters

The Avenger

Leather Avenger OWBHolster

The Avenger is simply a good design for outside the waistband carry that can be worn on the range, competition or, I wear it under a button up shirts. It holds the gun snug to the body and under a camping shirt or jacket it is very easy to conceal.   

The Avenger starts at $65.00


Leather Pancake OWB Holster

The Pancake is a solid OWB design.

Really a matter of preference 

as to which one a person like best.

The pancake starts at $65.00


Rattle Snake OWB Minimalist holster

The Slider is a form of a minimalist holster. That is to say the barrel protrudes out the bottom.  Mine has a belt tunnel instead of slots. 

The slider is something I usually keep in stock.

The Slider starts at $50.00.

Endless PICs and INFO

Most of what I have ever built has been published in my blog.  Endless holster options, colors, stamping, branding examples.  And articles that cover every facet of how they are built.  If you mention the pic and blog entry I will be able to see what you want

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