The Gun Belt

Custom Leather Gun Belt  Holster

The usual progression of the first time gun buyer or even first time Conceal Carry person, is they think long and hard about the gun they want. They do research and hopefully test fire or at least handle several guns to see what they like. Then after much deliberation they purchase that fire arm. While most just "buy something" to put it inside of there pants, some will give almost as much thought and attention the holster that they would put it in.

For most, that is as far as it goes for some time. After all they have purchased the gun, and a holster to put it in. What people often over look is the support system which is the gun belt. I have never heard anyone that moved up to a gun belt that did not say it was so much better that the regular belt they had always worn.


How its Built

The Bam Bam Gun Belt is made from two layers of leather totaling just a hare over 1/4 inch. 

I can make them thinner or thicker upon request. One does need to be aware of whether or not the thicker belt will fit you pants and holster. 

Belts start at $75.00. Stamping or decorative stitching pattern is an additional 15 dollars


This pic shows how to measure correctly for your belt.

The pic explains it very clearly. I add the appropriate amounts, based on this measurement you give. 

If the belt is wrong because you measure wrong, it is your problem, measure correctly (don't just give your pant size). 

If the belt you measure was not used to carry a gun inside the waistband, and that is how you are going to carry, it is recommended to add 2 inches to the measurement. 

The need for correct measurement can not be over emphasized.


See for yourself