OWB Holsters

Leather Hand made OWB Holsters

I have several styles of Outside the waistband holsters listed here. And have done countless other styles that people request. Push the button below for all the info and order opportunities.

IWB Holsters

Handmade Leather IWB Holsters for conceal carry

I have several inside the waistband holsters as well.  Some are quite common and I have two that are unique to me.  

The button below for all the details and order opportunity.

Gun Belts

Handmade double layer leather gun Belts

A stable platform for conceal carry becomes an obvious necessity after only a short time.  

Button below for all the info you could possibly need to know.

Mag Carriers

Handmade Leather Mag Carriers

Several styles available for both IWB and OWB mag carriers.

Shoulder Holsters

Custom leather shoulder holster bam bam holsters

My own take on shoulder holsters.  I seem to build quite a few of these.

Other Stuff

Other stuff that has been dreamed up


Still Working on this part

My online store


I build some items that go with me

to gunshows.  These are already made and ready to purchase

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